Transportation to ICEPP

ICEPP is located at the 10th floor in the building of the physics department in the faculty of science, the university of Tokyo. When you arrive at Narita airport(Terminal1 or Terminal2), you can find two trains, JR line and Keisei line to Ueno, which is the closest station to the university of Tokyo. When you arrive at Tokyo station of JR line, take a subway, Marunouchi line (indicated in red in usual subway maps of Tokyo) to Hongo-3(san)chome or take JR Yamanote line to Ueno.

From Narita airport

There are two lines available from Narita airport, JR line and KEISEI line. Here is a guide to take KEISEI line.

Information of Narita airport station and a time table is available at this cite. If you don't have tight schedule, you are recommended to take a regular train (Limited Express). No extra fee is required to take Limited Express (80 minutes from Narita to Ueno) otherwise you don't take SKYLINER (60 minutes). From the airport to Ueno, it costs 1000 yen. (Super-express (SKYLINER) ticket (920 yen) is required when you take SKYLINER. Tickets can be purchased at the travel office in the station or vending machines. Put 1000 yen and push a button on which "1000yen" is written to buy a ticket with a vending machine.

There are two platforms at the station, one for KEISEI line and one for JR line. At Airport Terminal 2 station of KEISEI line, trains bound for Airport Terminal 1 station will also arrive there. Be careful to take a train for Ueno. Information of the next coming train will be announced in Japanese and then very clear English.

From Tokyo station

Take a subway, "Marunouchi-line" indicated in red in usual subway maps. Tickets can be obtained at vending machines. Buy a 160 yen ticket to "Hongo-3(san)chome. There are two platforms, one for Ikebukuro and the other for Shinjuku. Wait at the platform for Ikebukuro, take a subway and get off at Hongo-3(san)chome.

From Ueno station to the University of Tokyo

It is 20 minutes walk from Keisei Ueno station to the Hongo campus of the university.

From Hongo-3chome to the University of Tokyo

It is 10 minutes walk from Hongo-3chome to the campus. When you exit the wicket, turn to right and walk for 30 second then you will reach Hongo-dori (street to the campus). Swing to the left on the street and walk straight on Hongo-dori. You will find a police box at the first cross and a MacDnalds over the cross. Keep go straight, then you will find the Red Gate of the campus at your right.

Inside the campus

A campus map is available here. When you come from Ueno station (JR or KEISEI), you will find "Ikenohata Gate". Take the right way and go up the slope, then you will find a bus stop and roundabout. The building is the tallest one around there located in front of the auditorium. When you come from Hongo-3chome station (subway), you will find "Red Gate" (It is old wooden gate and really red.). Turn to left and go straight, then you will find the auditorium at right side of you. The building is located behind it.

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How to withdraw cash with your credit card

ATM machines in the campus DO NOT accept your credit card made in foreign countries. ATM machines at the post office in front of the main gate of the campus accept, VISA, PLUS, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, AMEX, DinersClub, and JCB cards. Your PIN cord of the credit card is required to withdraw at the ATM mashines. When you forget your PIN cord, you can withdraw at SUMITOMO bank by showing your passport. The nearest branch of the SUMITOMO banks are Ueno- and Hakusan-branch. Please contact any Japanese to find the bank.

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